This is the calling card of the amazing Talk Club. It’s how they open & close every meeting, and it has become the brand asset with the most distinctiveness.

Talk Club is a male mental fitness movement that exists to prevent poor mental health and ultimately stop suicide in men, by creating a community around safe places to talk and listen.

Talk Club as a brand is in very good shape, with a lot of great work done already. But they reached out to Halo early in 2023 with a need for our strategic and digital expertise. We have been following Talk Club since it was founded here in Bristol, and were only too happy to get involved with the next stage of growth for the brand.

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Pro-bono work

Every year, Halo selects a charity to support for free. This year this was it.

Our work with Talk Club started with a conversation with the founders. In this conversation we dug into what they felt they needed to help them move the brand forward. What was it that was missing? We knew that they were very good at getting press coverage, as well as celebrity supporters – with Tyson Fury & Liam Gallagher two big name backers. But there were gaps in what they were managing to achieve – namely:

  1. Turning visits to the website home page into requests for more info on the charity

  2. Reaching a new audience of large business with their offering of in-business support

We identified two ways we could help with these gaps, and got down to work.

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