We partner with household names evolving and renewing their propositions, challengers disrupting the status quo and start-ups beginning the journey.

We deliver for brands that want to be heard above the noise in a deafening world. With leaders who want to define and redefine their businesses; answering strategic and commercial questions with original insight and creativity.

Our clients are global. You can find us in Bristol.

Brands we partner with:

We shape brands that matter to people. Brands that demand attention, change behaviour and change the game. Done with intelligent insight, considered strategy and commercial creativity.


We want to create original, effective client work, but also support meaningful careers; forging strong, productive relationships with brand partners, suppliers and our local community. Having a positive impact on the world, wherever we can.

As a B-Corp in the design and advertising industry, we’re counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Preach Vol.1

18 years in we’ve finally created a book about Halo. It’s not a portfolio of work, it’s a portfolio of ideas. Of attitudes, ethos and principles. It’s our calling card. Our manifesto.

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