Founded in Bristol in 2004 we remain fiercely and proudly independent, partnering with global brands in every conceivable sector. Every brand is different. Every day is a new adventure.

Small, but perfectly formed, we’re over 30 strong. A team of strategists, designers and technologists driven to understand how people live their lives, connecting brands to their audiences in meaningful and compelling ways.

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20 years in we’ve finally made a book about Halo. It’s not a portfolio of work, it’s a portfolio of ideas. Of attitudes, ethos and principles. It’s our calling card. Our manifesto.


B Corp We’re proud to be part of a global community focused on creating a sustainable, fair and equitable society.

We want to make original, effective work, support meaningful careers and forge strong, productive relationships with partners, suppliers and our local community. Having a positive impact on the world, wherever we can.

As one of the first 1000 UK B Corp’s we’re counted among the vanguard businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive and regenerative economy.

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