Native Strategy

Sector Professional Services
Disciplines Strategy, Visual Identity, Digital, Naming & Narrative, Motion & Film

Strategic brand positioning and proposition

Creative strategy + comprehensive design system

BIP Consulting are one of the fastest growing, leading multinational organisations in the world. They specialise in developing business models that deliver increased volume and quality.

As part of their growth plans, they set up a new strategic consultancy business, based in Milan, working internationally. They appointed Halo to help them shape the brand from scratch - including a name that would define them.

Working collaboratively across their teams, we shaped the collective vision, writing a brand narrative that was as individual as the business.

We chose the name Native Strategy, to express that strategy as a practice is not an add-on service. It’s the beating heart of the business.

We crafted a stand-out visual identity and comprehensive design system offering a refined aesthetic, imbued with flexibility and creativity. 

We integrated AI into the fabric of the brand, writing a set of visual prompts as part of the guidelines to give teams the autonomy to create appropriate images themselves. 

This forward thinking approach to art direction is an example of how Native Strategy is harnessing technology in bold and innovative ways.

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