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Creating real connections

Life:Style is the gift card that connects you to the brands you love so, when you receive one, you know you’ll be able to get something with real value – and meaning – to you.

Part of Motivates, a company with a 16 year history in the rewards category, specialising in staff incentives and reward schemes for businesses of all shapes and sizes; it was clear that, in an increasingly competitive market, Life:Style needed to further shape itself to reflect audience needs and remain relevant and prominent to them.

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Holding the winning card

The Life:Style product (and brand) is Motivates most popular and successful offer. With a great range of flexible solutions that offer the right tools to motivate and reward any audience, be it sales incentives, channel incentives, customer loyalty programs, incentive travel, hospitality or knock-out events to reward, engage, celebrate and inspire, Life:Style offers the total package.

Halo were appointed to fine tune the strategic proposition, in both the B2B and B2C markets where the brand performs; driving distribution into supermarket retail to reach the general gift card buying public and expanding the brand’s B2B market penetration, building sales volume with their company reward schemes offer.

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A design for life

The Life:Style brand didn’t need reinvention. It simply required a finely balanced visual upgrade, taking the most important distinctive assets and making them work even harder, refining the graphic language of the brand, teaming it with stronger art direction and design touches that make for a more coherent and contemporary experience.

From the classic gift card design, to a more user friendly digital experience, social templates and all print and pixel brand collateral, we engineered Life:Style for continued growth and future success.

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