Hannah Grey

Sector Professional Services
Disciplines Strategy, Visual Identity, Digital

Brand narrative, TOV and messaging platform

Comprehensive multi-platform design system

Digital design & UX

Hannah Grey are a Venture Capitalist Firm based in North America, specialising in Pre Seed and Seed investments with customer-obsessed founders, redefining everyday experiences.

An inspiring, highly experienced team, HG are experts at helping start-ups realise their potential. They don’t just offer investment. They’re partners in building lasting success.

With a wealth of knowledge and deep expertise, HG assist founders to navigate complex marketing and performance strategies, supporting businesses to thrive with strategic insights, tactical playbooks and connectivity to industry experts. They support with product development, research and discovery, technology architecture, infrastructure and stack. Hannah Grey define what a contemporary VC should be. 

Halo were appointed to help HG shape their already established brand, crafting a brand narrative, TOV, and messaging platform, alongside a comprehensive design system.

Shaping our creative approach around their beloved logo type, we refined a system born in the digital world, that takes its cues from the rigid elegance of Swiss print design, with the freeform flights of imagination akin to the Bauhaus.

And created a monogram to kill for.

A particular highlight is Cultural Vibrations, an annual journal of future gazing and creative bravery, that weaves the promises of tomorrows world with the realities of today. All wrapped up in an editorial design that’s rooted in the classics yet fixated on the new.

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