FPE Capital

Sector Finance
Disciplines Visual Identity, Naming & Narrative, Digital, Motion & Film

Develop brand narrative, personality, and voice guidelines

Design visual identity and brand architecture

Create compelling copywriting and storytelling

FPE are a Private Equity investor exclusively working in the software and services space, investing in businesses in second stage growth. For over a decade, they’ve helped ambitious founders reach their potential, and go beyond

Playing nicely with others
We worked with FPE’s incumbent content creation agency to help them shape their early stage brand thinking into a more expansive, personal and meaningful place. Building on the original foundations which were solid; driving a broader, more captivating narrative through the work to make it a more cohesive expression of the FPE brand.

The collaboration worked. We were able to gain valuable insights and share an expert outsider worldview. The resulting brand strategy offers more depth, and ultimately value to FPE internally, and to businesses and investors.

Theory into practice
Private Equity is often a conservative environment for brands to live. This is absolutely true for FPE so, our work needed to be sensitive, not just to the need to stand out, but also to fit in. It’s about striking a balance. Or walking a tightrope. Getting it ‘just right’ is a process of iteration and open, honest dialogue.

The new brand gets it right. Refined, contemporary typography, teamed with a dynamic mark that brings a playful, creative edge to the simple, clean lines of the FPE aesthetic.

A mix of abstract, creative images and warm people photography brings a sense of movement and modernity with a human warmth that sets a considered brand tone.

Pixel pushing
Detailed UX and site mapping resulted in an uncluttered, straightforward website design that’s high on function and puts information first. Investing in second stage growth demands meticulous, detail driven expertise. Like FPE themselves, our effortless digital experience gets straight to the point. And puts people first.

We also created a launch film for the brand to share online and across social channels. Completed by an extensive deck template, FPE has everything they need to get on with the important work of helping software businesses thrive.

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