At the heart of DE&I

Flair focus on racial equity, which is unique in the market. But being unique is not enough. Racial Equity has been woven into wider DE&I strategies by large consultancies who also lead the debate through their elevated status. Nebulous DE&I strategies often fail because of a lack of focus and direction. We realised that we had to get into the DE&I conversation. Positioning Flair as a leading, measurable solution in this space, supercharging DE&I initiatives and helping businesses make positive change by listening, understanding and advising.

The strategy and subsequent rebrand pins Flair at the centre of the DE&I map. A mixture of modern tech with a pragmatic activist attitude.

Flair Marque
Flair section 04
Calculated Approach

We constructed a unique set of numbers, exploring further the powerful graphic approach used throughout the design development. Strength In Numbers defines the business and the brand. It's only fitting that numbers have the last word.

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