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Illustration tells the story

We created a wide ranging suite of Matisse inspired illustration and iconography, giving the brand a library of assets to use across print and digital. We also connected with volunteers across the UK to help them develop comms, offering ongoing support and creative direction. With a nationwide team, the design guidelines became an essential tool, easy to use by people of all abilities and experience.

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The story never ends

By the end of 2020, according to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2 million UK residents will be destitute, relying on food banks to survive. Bankuet support local food banks across the UK by establishing supply chains and raising funds. Without their help, many communities would be unable to cope.

Please help Bankuet make sure no one ever goes hungry.

Simply visit and donate. It takes seconds and will make a huge difference to those who need it most.

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