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50 Years of the Misuse of Drugs Act

2021 is the year Misuse of Drugs Act (MoDA) reaches its half century, and the right time to highlight the damage it has caused to the fabric of society, especially in poorer, multi-cultural communities. Transform wanted to shine a light on the injustices of the MoDA with a prolonged campaign to drive change, showing the failure of the act alongside the potential for meaningful, positive change. Halo worked on the campaign strategy and executed all creative realisation. Combining a simple yet striking visual identity with archive photography and film to emphasise how little has changed, and how much change needs to happen to move society forward.

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Creating concept packaging for stimulants – such as Cocaine and MDMA - in a regulated market, to support Transform’s latest book ‘How to Regulate Stimulants: A Practical Guide’ was an opportunity to show practical application of the effect of policy change. Our simple designs pass current – tough - regulatory requirements, and brought to life the books central theme in a way that would reach out beyond the confines of Government think tanks and into the mainstream.

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