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Salcombe Brewery

Sector Consumer
Disciplines Strategy, Packaging

Saved from closure in 2015 by John and Gerry Tiner, the resurrection of Salcombe Brewery is a true rags to riches story.

In 2016, after much care and investment, the brewery reopened its doors and started winning awards for their balanced, characterful beers, a trend that continues to this day. Fame spread beyond the boundaries of their Devonshire home, and the brewery has grown an army of fans across the country and around the world. With excellent distribution on and off trade, and a wide range of tradition ales, IPAs, larger and even cider, there’s a bright future ahead for the heritage brewery.

Halo work on strategic positioning, NPD and pack design, working closely with the Brewery team to craft creative that feels ‘perfectly Salcombe’ for a brand that knows itself.

We didn’t create the original brewery logo, but we’ve been tasked with protecting what works, whilst shaping new ideas and creative application for the contemporary beer market. We’re both guardians and innovators for the brand.

Salcombe are an ‘everyman’ brewery, specialising in session beers; refreshing pints that are made for sundowners and socials. Our pack designs recognise the mainstream ambitions of the brand, and draw on the Devonshire, rural and coastal colour pallet, teamed with a simple layout, refined typography and playful use of patterning.

We’re proud to partner with a brand that means so much to the people of Salcombe, Devon and around the world. A brand that’s leading the way in terms of sustainability and responsible brewing. A brand that guarantees a glorious pint.

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