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Small batch, big design

The Small Batch beers are a vibrant take on traditional ‘seasonal’ ranges offered by most breweries. Instead of rolling out variations on old standards, Salcombe like to take the opportunity to experiment. From Belgian Pales to Session IPAs, the brewers push themselves, with new recipes inspired by global flavours.

To celebrate these very limited edition beers, we created labels inspired by the strong currents and cresting waves found in the estuary, connecting the spirit of seafaring adventure with the voyage of discovery the Salcombe brewers embark on with every small batch creation.

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Keeping it simple

The Salcombe look is purposefully lean and clean; bold colours and typography do the heavy lifting, with a focus on shelf and pump clip impact. We work hard to strip away unnecessary detail or superfluous flourishes, leaning into our nautical heritage, crafting design with a clear sense of purpose and personality.

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