Global B2B Rebrand
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Energise Change

Part of EDF group, Capula are integral to the UK’s energy infrastructure as a specialist systems integrator, specialising in industrial asset performance, energy production and distribution. Too much of a mouthful? Capula keep the nation’s lights on

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Future thinking

Capula has a heritage that stretches back over 50 years. But the brand was not reflective of where the company is today – or where it’s going. They were struggling to modernise without losing touch with their engineering roots, and found conveying their contemporary technology offering difficult, at a time where new players, including Microsoft and Accenture, are fighting for market share, hoping to leverage their strength in Information Technology (IT) in the burgeoning Operational Technology (OT) market.

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Power up

Over 12months we worked alongside multiple teams across the business and EDF group to establish a comprehensive strategy, positioning the brand as an expert bridge between OT and IT – the space where data from industrial assets is sent to – and accessed – from the cloud. We helped the sales teams gain deeper, meaningful engagement with new insight driven techniques and addressed every facet of how the brand communicates.

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