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A sweet strategy

Festival Apple is a classic traditional cider, but it’s not what Brothers is really known for. They offer something unique. Their sweet take on fruit cider, including Cherry Bakewell and Toffee Apple, Marshmallow or Rhubarb and Custard are refreshingly different and genuinely unique to the category.

We got them to lean into this point of difference. Unapologetically challenging a very traditional space with the ‘Think Outside The Bottle’ strategy. A proposition that speaks to the brand’s curious and creative approach to making cider. And asks people to rethink what they think they know about the classic appley beverage.

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Rip up the rule book

Focusing on large scale OOH and targeted 6 sheets across the UK, with a mix of organic and paid social and programmatic digital in support, we created a campaign that’s fun, irreverent and comes with standout art direction, exploding with personality.

Short, punchy headlines, tongue in cheek - with a bit of cheek - we make sure the bottle is always the hero. Driving distinction through design that bucks all category norms, and an personality that’s infectious.

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