Beyond Equality Naming

The Good Lad Initiative was a very worthwhile charity, who were doing great work with men and boys to change perceptions and behaviours towards women and also towards other men. They contacted Halo because, although it was a good name to begin their journey, they had realised they had outgrown the name, and needed to change.

Our work with the people within the charity was to really get to what it was that made them, them. By identifying their proposition at the heart of the brand – rethink masculinities – we opened up a route to a new name. The reality was that they, through open discussion between men and women, were working towards gaining a better balance of the sexes. We identified that in their discussions with their various stakeholders they were going Beyond Equality. And so their new name was born.

To find out more about the naming project, or the charity itself, get in touch with us.