Smart + ISA Positioning & Proposition Strategy

Taking control of your money, and the need to have agency in your own financial future is something we can all identify with. But even for a household name like AXA, new financial products are hard to position and launch, especially in a crowded, mainstream market.

We helped AXA understand their many and varied audiences, taking research beyond the broad, but limited, traditional approach to segmentation, to create rich attitudinal based insights with practical direction and actionable roadmaps. We helped craft the CX, mapping detailed journeys and highlighting key moments for the brand to positively act. We also shaped AXA’s range of investment products, working on architecture, positioning and a bespoke marketing ecosystem for each.

There’s a lot to unpack, but we can’t do it here. If you’d like to see behind the scenes of an innovative and effective financial services strategy, get in touch.