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Unveiling the Future of Brand and Marketing with AI

Halo has launched it's event series – Halo Revelations.

Hosted by Nick Clarkson, the first Halo Revelations event, "Putting AI to Work," was eye-opening to the many possibilities Artificial Intelligence brings to branding and marketing. The event promised to reshape approaches to these crucial aspects of business, and it did not disappoint.

Kerry Harrison (Content Generation with AI, Essential Toolkit Strategies)

Kicking off the talks, Kerry Harrison, shared insights into the groundbreaking tools shaping the future. From creating the world's first AI gin to utilising tools like ChatGPT Bard, Bing, and Claude Co-Pilot for writing, Kerry emphasised the role of AI in saving time on research and planning. AI, according to Kerry, is a powerful ally that generates ideas and information quickly, allowing for the creation of first drafts and structures.

One key takeaway was the importance of understanding what AI can and cannot do. Kerry stressed that while AI is a valuable tool, human intelligence is essential for strategy, creative thinking, and research. The message was clear:

"AI is a Collaborator, not a Successor." - Kerry Harrison

Neil Collard (Adopting AI, A Mindset Revolution)

Neil Collard delved into the adoption of AI, citing Moore's Law and Martec's Law as foundations for understanding the rapid evolution of technology. His presentation centered on the AI Maturity Model, emphasising the importance of alignment, commitment, and ambition.

Neil urged businesses to be ahead of the curve, stating that delays in adopting AI could result in being left behind. He presented a thought-provoking idea: the alignment-adoption-ambition framework, encouraging businesses to sacrifice the sacrosanct and be open to change for success.

Tanya Sharma (Enhancing the customer experience with AI)

During her talk, Tanya Sharma focused on the transformation of customer experience through AI. She emphasised the importance of the client and customer relationship:

"Customer is King." - Tanya Sharma

AI, when used, introduces new opportunities in customer experience, offering personalised interactions at scale, enhancing customer support through chatbots, and optimising marketing strategies through data analysis and predictive modelling.

Hannah Strickland and Paul Bailey (Navigating the Intersection of AI and Brand Dynamics)

Stepping in for Nick Ellis, Hannah Strickland, and Paul Bailey demystified the hype around AI integration. They revealed that Halo has seamlessly integrated AI into their workflow. During the talk, they gave a case study on a recent branding project they completed for a client, in which they used AI-generated images for the brand. The pair emphasised how AI can provide longevity and quick delivery for a client when on-brand images are created, through the use of AI and specific image prompts

AI can be used in agencies for numerous areas from social content to strategy planning. In practice image prompts can be used as a distinctive asset for a brand. ChatGPT was praised as a valuable collaborator, a partner in ideation that provides a fresh perspective.

"Think of AI as the other person in the room you are bouncing ideas off." - Paul Bailey

Both Hannah and Paul encouraged a simplified approach, suggesting that AI is like having a parent with infinite patience, allowing strategists to think freely.

From content creation to customer experience, the event showcased AI as a catalyst for unlocking success. The key takeaway was clear: AI is not here to replace but to empower, and adopting it responsibly is the key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of business and creativity. Don't be left behind - It is time to Integrate and experiment with AI.

Article was written by Kayjay McDonald-Ferguson (ex-intern at Halo)
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