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August 2023
5 Mins
Ellinor Valtersson Brand Strategist

Halo In Conversation with Vikki Ross

A brand would be nothing without their copy. How they communicate, both with words and without them, is central to consumers' perception of their business. Copywriters are an essential asset to any brand, not only for defining and shaping a brand’s tone of voice, but also for educating stakeholders in how to themselves ensure brand consistency.

Copywriters face several challenges in their work life. Both in agencies and in-house they often work on their lonesome, which in a creative field can pose a challenge. When feeling creatively stuck, who do you turn to? And when clients start considering AI as a possible creator of copy, how do you communicate the value of human creativity so they understand?

We spoke to Vikki Ross, a copywriter with over two decades of experience who’s worked in industries such as beauty and TV. Vikki has an impressive portfolio of creative and new thinking projects that have all had a significant impact on both the copywriter and the wider marketing industry.

Creating a community of copywriters

She’s been a champion for a more united copywriter community and is the founder of #CopywritersUnite. What started as an online community has since then grown and is now both online and in person, with regular meetups happening all across the country.

Giving women a stronger platform

Taking inspiration from white women in America handing over their online platforms to black women, as a way to elevate their voice, Vikki invited people with over 10,000 followers on Twitter to do the same on International Women’s day. Inspiring people to use their platforms for good, she’s created a more diverse and interesting Twitter feed for many, and she to this day continues to do this herself every month.

A parody making people want to be better

The Bland Book is a parody of the average brand book we see companies produce. We often see the same vacuous words repeated, holding little to no meaning. But the Bland Book is more than just a critique. It’s a way for brands to reflect on themselves, and then for them to understand what they need help with and what to ask professionals for. We spoke to Vikki about the clichés you see and how you shouldn’t critique unless you’re in a position to educate on what good looks like.

How to play with your assets

When you create a strong brand there’s more freedom to use your assets in a playful way. With brand consistency consumers are more likely to remember your assets, and so you can use that to your advantage. We spoke to Vikki about her favourite piece of brand copy, both that she’s written and that she’s seen, and how they play to their own brands’ strength.

The value of human creativity - part 1

AI has recently had a commercial boom, and is now more available to the average person than ever before. Many are excited about the possibilities this is opening up - but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Copywriters are scared about the consequences of clients considering AI copy equal to human copy. Vikki discusses the value of human creativity and how excitement over the changes AI might bring can both be insensitive and detrimental to creative output.

The value of human creativity - part 2

Leaving the topic of copywriting for a moment we discuss how AI has started changing the way strategists work. Can AI help strategists?

And can AI finally be the solution you need when deciding what to have for dinner?

Finding copywriters

Finding the right talent isn’t always easy. There are many incredible copywriters out there, but how do you find them? #CopywritersUnite is a perfect place to start for anyone looking to find great talent, both to hire and to connect with.

What’s next for Vikki Ross might not be determined yet, but if you want to be the first to know, discover more about what she’s written, or looking to be inspired in your work you should check out her LinkedIn and Twitter.