Halo insight 07
March 2021
5 Mins
Paul Bailey Brand Strategy Director

Do you mean brand, brand, or brand?

‘Brand’ is a term that’s used liberally in the marketing and creative worlds – but are we entirely clear on what we mean by it? When you say ‘brand’, it might be to describe: the business itself; the people within the business; the meaning, associations, and experiences people have that are related to that business; or the various communicative elements and assets of that business.

As an agency who describe ourselves as ‘brand-first’, it’s important for us to have some clarity on what we mean by brand, and how businesses can drive improvement through it.

Our Brand Strategy Director, Paul Bailey took an in-depth look at how we use the term, and what we mean by it in WARC – an industry-leading source of how to plan, create and deliver more effective marketing.

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